5 easy ways to be a more sustainable traveller

Travelling sustainably doesn’t have to mean drastically changing how you travel or impacting on your trip. It really is just about making small changes or conscious decisions when you’re exploring somewhere new to reduce your impact on the environment, support local economies and ensure you help preserve the world we live in.

Here are our top five ways you too can make a difference next time you travel.

Buy Local

Support real local economies by buying locally. This may mean spending more money when it comes to buying local crafts, but knowing it will go directly into the pocket of the family who spent hours creating the piece is far better than it going to a manufacturer. The same goes for tours – source a local driver or tour guide, rather than going through a company owned and managed by foreigners.

Eat Local

Trying new cuisines and eating in local restaurants or food markets can be the most rewarding part of your trip. What’s more, by choosing local over a chain restaurant or Western cuisine, it’s highly likely you’ll be opting to eat what’s in season and grown locally – supporting local farmers.

Say no to plastic

Plastic – and plastic straws, in particular – are one of the biggest polluters of our oceans, beaches and waterways. One single straw can take over 500 years to break down! For something that’s used once only, the impact this has on our environment is incredible. By saying ‘no’ to plastic – from shopping bags, water bottles and single-use straws – you really can make a difference in protecting the environment.

Reuse your towels

While this might feel like the most luxurious part about your trip, the cost on the environment through excessive water and energy use is huge. By hanging your towel up and only using a few times during the week – rather than asking for a new towel every day – is a really, really simple way to make a positive impact on the planet.

Leave no trace

One of the best things you can do as a conscious, sustainable traveller is to simply leave no trace you were there to begin with. Being careful to take your rubbish and food with you – particularly when you’re hiking or exploring nature – and not leaving anything behind when you go, will ensure your impact will be minimal.

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