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Bali Collection

The Island of the Gods has long attracted yoga devotees on the path to spiritual and physical wellbeing. A rich and diverse land of cliff top temples, magnificent mountains and heavenly beaches, it’s little wonder this picturesque isle is named ‘God’s Masterpiece’ by the locals. The character filled villages are home to the humble and devoted Balinese, their unconditional gratitude and daily offerings an illustration of how the ancient teachings of yoga can be expressed through contemporary life.

Bali Experiences

India Collection

The Birthplace of Yoga, where a temple or shrine is found around every corner, the sacred is revered in every river and every mountain and the search for enlightenment is in the air. Throughout history, people have been drawn to the birth place of yoga in the quest for knowledge. From the Himalayan summits of the north, to the sun-washed beaches of the South, India’s expansive borders embrace an unparalleled blend of cultures and people, with spirituality the common thread that connects them all.

India Experiences

Sri Lanka Collection

Known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a place one must visit. From golden beaches and thrilling waves, to misty mountains and tropical forests, this unique paradise is a sanctuary for yoga and wellbeing. Home to Ayurveda, the oldest and most holistic medical system in the world, Sri Lanka is a place where you can connect with ancient healing and wisdom to truly refresh soul and spirit.

Sri Lanka Experiences

Nepal Collection

Nestled between China and India and home to the world’s highest peak, Nepal is a country like no other. The Birthplace of Gautam Buddha has long been a hub for spiritual seekers, trekkers and travellers on their journeys of exploration. From snowy peaks and misty valleys, to hillside villages and golden temples, Nepal is charged with the energy of centuries of prayer and meditation.

Nepal Experiences