Bespoke yoga and
wellness retreats.


Bespoke yoga and
wellness retreats.

Unique retreats, handcrafted from the ground up.

Our yoga and wellness retreats combine influential teachers, unique venues, nourishing cuisines, and cultural experiences. We explore off-the-beaten-path destinations. Refreshing the body, rejuvenating the soul, and supporting local every step of the way.

Join us in Bali

Awakening the Sacred Feminine

4 June —10 June 2024

Our collection

Our retreats bring together the very best.


Our retreats are located throughout New Zealand, created in partnership with some of the country’s most beautiful and healing venues and retreats.


From daily yoga to soothing spa treatments, nature immersion to cultural excursions, we’ve searched the country for truly transformational healing experiences.


Delicious meals, prepared with love and care. Our retreats feature healthy, wholesome food that will nourish you from the inside out.


We collaborate with some of New Zealand’s most inspirational yoga teachers and wellbeing experts, so you know you’re in safe and experienced hands.